Customer Testimonials

Thanks Lindsey Electric for a job well done!!

My experience with Paul Lindsey has been excellent from the first time I met him, which was to discuss the generator and our needs, competely through the installation and start-up. I have been impressed with his knowledge and quality of work. The Generac Quiet Source generator is very quiet and looks and works great. Lindsey Electric also has another great asset and that is Teresa Lindsey. She is always ready to help and keep you informed of the status of your project. She is always prompt in getting you the information your request. Thanks Lindsey Electric for a job well done!! James & Jane

-Price Jackson, TN

Pictures of Generator Installations by Lindsey Electric

Here are some pictures of Generac generators installed by Lindsey Electric in West Tennessee

-West Tennessee

Years of Excellence!!

Lindsey Electric installed my unit 5 years ago and it has never failed to perform perfectly. It came on one night and we never even knew the electricity was off in our neighborhood untila neighbor called and wanted to know how our exterior lights were on and no one else had power,

-abbeyplace Jackson, TN

Lindsey Electric A-1 service!!

Lindsey Electric Service has always provided us with A-1 service since the installation of our first generator. We purchased a larger one from them as our second generator. We couldn't be more satisfied with their service and products and count them as friends too, not just on a customer basis. Because of their work ethic and quality of service and product, we have referred our friends and neighbors to them and will continue to do so.

-Mir L. Jackson, Tennessee